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Hey there all! Welcome again to the Book Obsessed Chicks CHEERLEADERS FOR ROMANCE feature. Today we have yet another awesome blogger from overseas. Isabel Alexandra Almeida is a prolific reviewer and reader. She does her best to spread the word about romance in Portugal as well as through her blog and I adore her. I hope one day that Isabel and I will be able to chat about our love of romance while hanging out together with a great glass of wine.

Please tell us a bit about yourself… I am a very busy lady, I am a Lawyer, I give private lessons to school students, and recently, last November I´ve finished a Master´s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I am also a local journalist and an avid reader. And the Passion for writing and reading lead me to the creation of a literary blog that celebrates  it´s 4th anniversary  on March 2016.  I also love cinema, cross stitch and my fabulous cats Kitty (the good) and lady (the villain).

When did you fall in love with the romance genre? My passion for romance was born when I was about eleven years old and started reading some classics such as Balzac, Flaubert and the Portuguese Eça de Queirós. My mom and my grandma taught me how to care for reading. When I grew older I started reading thrillers and mystery novels, and I am still a great fan of Dame Agatha Christie. Later I fell in love with vampires – Dracula at first and most recently Charlaine Harris and the True Blood Series and, of Course, Twilight. I have a particular passion for novels with its set in England, maybe due to Agatha Christie´s Characters and sets. Also love family series, historical novels, so easily I became a huge fan of regency novels. I also read contemporary romance, but there is something special about historical fiction.

What made you decide to help spread the word about romance? I decided to share my reviews at a blog, almost four years ago, and  my purpose is to bring more members to the reader´s club, unfortunately,  I guess that Portuguese People, generally don´t read much. But I have found a wonderful new world among avid and addicted readers like me, other bloggers in Portugal and across the Oceans that became good friends, and what started as an hobby is today a very dear project to me and a part of myself.

Who are your favorite authors? Here it comes a question hard to answer because I Guess I will always forget to mention someone. In historical fiction my favourite authors are: Kate Pearce,  Cheryl Holt, Nicole Jordan,  Emma Wildes, Jennifer Haymore, Nicola Cornick, Jess Michaels, Julia Quinn,  Patricia Cabot, Mary  Balogh, Tessa Dare, Loretta Chase, Sarah MacLean,  Phillipa Gregory, Madeline Hunter, Beatriz Williams, Elizabeth Edmondson, Barbara Cartland;  in contemporary novels: J. R. Ward, Elizabeth Adler, Nora Roberts, Abigail Barnette, Sylvia Day, Eve Berlin, Megan Maxwell, L. Marie Adeline, Liz Fenwick, Cathy Kelly, Sophie Kinsella, Malenka Ramos; Mistery Novels/Thrillers: Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rex Stout, James Patterson,  Patricia Cornwell. Young Adult: Jennifer Niven, Stephanie Perkins; New Adult: Jennifer Armentrout.

Who are your favorite romance cheerleaders?  Vera Carregueira, Ana Filipa Ferreira, well, and Kimberly Rocha J

What new books have you been shouting out about lately?  Lately, I have been Shouting about “All The Bright Places”, by Jennifer Niven, the first book I read this year and it made me cry but its so beautiful; I have also read lately “A very English Mistery” by the late Elizabeth Edmondson and in regency fiction the Portuguese edition of “Isn´t He Wicked”, by Emma Wildes.

What do you do when you’re not shouting out about great books?  I am reading great books, interviewing great authors or watching a movie or TV series.

Your Top 10 in Romance….  “A Hint of Wicked”, by Jennifer Haymore; “My only love”, by Cheryl Holt; “Desire”, by Nicole Jordan; “Simply Sinful”, by Kate Pearce; “Envy”, by J. R. Ward; “Taboo”, by Jess Michaels; “Indiscretion”, by Charles Dubow; “Pideme lo que quieras”, by  Megan Maxwell; “The Raven”, by Sylvain Reynard;“On Dublin Street”, by Samantha Young

Muito obrigado , Isabel para responder às minhas perguntas... (Kim)

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