Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Highland Awakening (Highland Knights #2) by Jennifer Haymore

Brooding Highlander, Camden McLeod is more than meets the eye. This honorable Scot has given up his auspicious life on his father's ducal estate to keep the English crown secure as part of the Highland Knights, a group of Scots with military pasts.

Camden is supposed to be guarding a important man, even while that man is in the midst of a sexual liaison with a woman of questionable character, but distraction in the form of Lady Esme Hawkins who disguised as a lady of the evening arrives clutching a notebook. 

Esme, the Duke of Trent's unruly sister will be in a heap of trouble if her brother finds out what she's up to, and when the handsome, rough and tumble Scot steals a kiss from her, she doesn't know which way is up. Cam on the other hand has never met a woman like Esme, and his curiosity gets the better of his wanting to know more about this illusive beauty.

Highland Awakening by the most awesome, Jennifer Haymore is a gift. This story is romance, mystery, intrigue and suspense wrapped up in a package that keeps on giving. The characters in this tale are strong and extremely well-written with an abundance of quirks and attributes. I loved this book, I love this author and I am so happy I got a chance to read this early. Bravo Ms. Haymore! 


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