Thursday, March 10, 2016

GUEST REVIEW OF: Brazilian Revenge (The Brazilians, #1) by Carmen Falcone

Satyanna Darling’s substitute father had taken her to Rio de Janeiro purportedly for a vacation. At a ball before the Brazilian Carnival, Satyanna sees this gorgeous man, talks him up, and before they know it, Brazilian lawyer Leonardo Duarte and Satyanna are in her hotel room having wild sex. But when she goes missing at the same time as Leonardo’s most precious piece of art, he sees red and he vows revenge. His efforts pay off, and a year later he finds her in a jail in Rio; he makes a bargain with her: she must help him find his sculpture and he will not prosecute. Little did they know that this was only the beginning of a very complicated story…

Oh my goodness! This whole book is a spoiler! BRAZILIAN REVENGE is still our Carmen Falcone at her snarky and sexy best, but I never expected this book to be such a page-turning suspense! Talk about plot twists! Who knew Ms. Falcone could write such a gripping suspense! There’s also quite an emotional angle to the story. But worry not, the sexy bits are all there, as well as the great characters: Satyanna is a wonderful woman; she’s had a tough life, but her heart is good, and she’s honest in spite of appearances. Leonardo has a hard time coping; he would want nothing more than truly hate Satyanna, but he just can’t; the attraction is just too strong. And I so loved that Brazil was so prominently featured, and so well described. I just can’t say more, because I will not spoil anyone’s reading. So many things I did not see coming; unbelievable! I have been reading mysteries and suspense novels since I was in grade school, and never was I so taken aback, especially with the initial turn of events!