Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Her Safe Harbor (Crawford Family #3) by Holly Bush

I have been a die hard fan of author Holly Bush and the Crawford Family series in particular since the beginning. TRAIN STATION BRIDE is to this day, still one of my favorite books. Reading this series is like reading about friends and family, seeing their struggles and triumphs. Her Safe Harbor is a pivotal book, dealing with emotions that not many romance novelists dare to write about. But Holly Bush is not your typical romance author, she is a force to be reckoned with, daring to go where her characters take her without any qualms.

Jennifer Crawford is the lone Crawford sibling to remain at home in Boston and put up with a mother who is not only insulting and mean, but also intent on running her daughter's life. Jane Crawford has disowned her other daughters who have moved on to marry happily and begin productive lives and since she can't rule their lives anymore, she focuses all her energy on Jennifer. Demanding her daughter is betrothed to her husband's bank vice-president, Jeffrey Rothchild, Jennifer denies the claim with every breath she takes. Even though Mr. Rothchild is handsome and ambitious, he is also a bully and would have Jennifer under his thumb, pressing the very life out of her.

When Jennifer tells her family of her plans to visit her pregnant sister in Washington D.C., Jane goes ballistic and Jeffrey's true colors have Jennifer fleeing Boston bruised by her would-be husband.

Southern gentleman, Zebidiah Morgan cannot forget the first time he saw Jennifer Crawford and forgetting her is out of the question. Zeb takes on the position of chief of staff to Jennifer's senator brother-in-law and when he is reacquainted with Jennifer, he knows that something is not quite right with the beauty. Zeb has a feeling that someone is hurting Jennifer and he is determined to get to the bottom of it. Jennifer tells no one what she is going through with Jeffrey Rothchild insisting that nothing is wrong. When her sisters and Zeb accompany back to Boston to visit with ailing mother, Jane and their father who haven't seen their daughters for some time, they all come face to face with their dysfunctional family and its pitfalls. Jane has become more irrational where her daughters are concerned and her weak husband does nothing to right the wrongs his wife has done to them, blinded by his affection to her. 

Zeb soon realizes that the arrogant Jeffrey Rothchild is the culprit behind Jennifer's abuse and warning the man off is easier said than done. Jeffrey is more dangerous than anyone could have anticipated and it will take quick thinking and resolve to save Jennifer when danger comes calling.

HER SAFE HARBOR (Crawford Family #3) by Holly Bush is an exceptional read teeming with emotion. Jennifer Crawford is a highly intelligent woman placed in a very precarious position by her mother. Not having people close-by to confide in keeps her in limbo and when she does try to overcome her difficulties, others around her become harmed. Zeb is one of my new favorite heroes. Handsome, determined and dependable, he will do what it takes to remove the danger surrounding Jennifer. HER SAFE HARBOR by Holly Bush is a must read and if you haven't read the Crawford Family series, I ask WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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