Thursday, March 17, 2016

A HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY RELEASE ~ The Wayward One (The de Montforte Brothers Book 5) by Danelle Harmon~

When Irishman Ruaidri O'Devir appears at his sister's home in England during an event he isn't supposed to attend, no one thinks anything of it at first. The uncouth drunkard leaves much to be desired but his sister is the wife of an English aristocrat so his presence is tolerated for the most part.

Lady Nerissa De Montforte, the youngest sister of the influential De Montforte family,  is there for her brother Anthony, who has invented a new type of weapon which could be used to squash England's enemies if he allows it to get into their hands. Nerissa has been through a tough time since her older brother, the Duke of Blackheath decided to test Nerissa's former betrothed and when the man in question failed the test, Nerissa was heartbroken.

Unbeknownst to everyone in attendance, Ruaidri is a Commander for the American Continental Army and has been given the task by John Adams himself, of retrieving Anthony De Montforte's invention but not without complication, for the minute the handsome rogue sets eyes on Lady Nerissa, his interest is piqued and trouble abounds. Although Nerissa thinks him to be a drunken lout, something about him sparks her interest like no man ever before.

During the invention's demonstration, an accident befalls Nerissa and Ruaidri takes advantage of the situation, whisking her away to be used as a trade.When Nerissa awakens after her abduction she is shocked to find Ruaidri is not the kind of man she originally perceived him to be, but so much more and not only has  been kidnapped, but she is on the ocean on Captain O'Devir's ship. Nothing will thwart O'Devir from his mission, not even the fascinating Lady Nerissa who he finds is not the spoiled aristocrat he assumed her to be.

The more the Irish Captain and Lady Nerissa spend in each other's company, the more they discover about each other, which brings them closer together. Nerissa finds there is life beyond the betrayal she suffered and maybe the Captain could be a part of it. But the Duke of Blackheath will stop at nothing to retrieve his sister from the traitor's hands, even if it causes more heartache for her.

As much as I would love to recount more of this intriguing  story, I will just suggest that you read this well written tale for yourself. Ms. Harmon is a master at weaving her story so that this reader was compelled to read from the first page to the end without turning off the eReader, thus watching the sun come up without having slept. That, along with such interesting characters, made this a winner for me.


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