Monday, March 7, 2016

Scandal At Vauxhall (Pleasure Garden Follies Book 1) by Layna Pimentel

Nathaniel Thompson was the love of Isabel Salisbury's life. When they were finally betrothed she couldn't be happier in expectation of her future with the man she held so dearly. When Nathaniel leaves England on a mission for the war office, he doesn't realize he is leaving Isabel open to her family's devices. When Nathaniel doesn't return, Isabel is married off to a duke who is nothing but a reprobate leaving Isabel unhappy and unloved. 

When Nathaniel finally returns to England discovering Isabel married another devastates him but then finds out she has been left a widow. Does he have a chance to win her heart again? He has no idea what this sham of a marriage did to her spirit. Isabel loved Nathaniel so fiercely but his years away left her bereft and her husband's continual betrayals made her wary of ever having happiness again. 

Seeing her again, Nathaniel knows Isabel is his destiny, but convincing her is another matter all together. Before his death, Isabel's husband was having am illicit affair with a married woman and after Isabel's spouse's death, the husband of his lover is determined to seek recompense for the affair at Isabel's expense. Even though she was an innocent in the matter, the man has no shame in wanting to bring Isabel down. When Nathaniel finds all of this out, his protective instincts for the woman he still loves reemerges, but that instinct to be close to Isabel also puts her reputation in danger. 

Will this pair who seem so destined to be together overcome all the obstacles put in their paths? Will Isabel trust her love for Nathaniel and allow their happily ever after to come to fruition? Find out all this and more by reading SCANDAL AT VAUXHALL by Layna Pimental.

SCANDAL AT VAUXHALL (Pleasure Garden Follies Book 1) is my first foray into reading this author and I am very happy to have read this engaging story. I love second chance romances and this is a prime example of why I do. The unhappily married widow reunites with the love of her life after so much heartache is placed in their paths. Isabel's maturity after her failed marriage is enlightening and more attractive once Nathaniel returns and must work for her heart. His determination is key to their happiness and watching their give and take is so good. An enjoyable read!


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