Friday, March 25, 2016

GUEST REVIEWER ~ MONIQUE DAOUST ~ A Dangerously Sexy Affair (The Dangerous Bachelors Club #2) by Stefanie London

Quinn Dellinger got dragged to a party at a gamers’ convention by her friend Alana. It’s not exactly Quinn’s cup of tea, especially since she is sulking because she was passed over for a promotion. After a dreadful experience with her former boyfriend, Quinn does only one-night stands; she’s not risking her heart again. She can’t wait to go home, alone, until she sees a glorious male specimen who might be able to salvage the evening. However the morning after, it turns out that the hot guy who rocked her world, Aiden Odell, is the man who got the job Quinn coveted. 

What a great book! A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is and so much more than a few sexy bits held together by a flimsy story. There is at least as much suspense as there are sex scenes; the story itself is as good as any suspense novel, and the sex is playful, hot and tender. Ms. London has created terrific characters all around, and Quinn and Aiden are very real fleshed out, and they are great separately as well as together; they share real chemistry, and the way their relationship evolved was realistic and utterly delectable. One thing I particularly enjoyed is that both Quinn and Aiden are equals, and for that alone A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is worth reading. Both have issues, which are dealt with intelligently and subtly, and do not weigh the book down, but rather enrich it. The characters, the setting, the story are all flawless, and the writing is impeccable: the prose is crisp, clear, yet flowing and eloquent. Quinn and Aiden are exactly the types of characters I like to read about, and the story is just what I look for. A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is excellent from beginning to end: there is not one little hitch!


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